I'll get Tinder when it's socially acceptable to do lines off of wither that exact Countach or a while Testarossa with a single side mirror mounted high on the A-Pillar with the girl. Until then, it's a no go. But Im' glad you had a great time! » 10/19/14 11:37pm 10/19/14 11:37pm

I paid $900 for a Mazda 626 ('88). Bought it from a friend. Put no money into it and drove it for a few months with no problems at all, save for the fact that I didn't really care for the gearbox as it wasn't as sporty as my Alfa, and then sold it to a kid who had saved up for a long time to buy a car that then turned… » 10/18/14 10:45am 10/18/14 10:45am

I think the advice of Steve Lehto is needed on this one, though I would say that while awesome, it's probably a terrible idea. You risk pissing off the cops and getting written up for "impersonating an officer", which is not good. » 10/13/14 10:29pm 10/13/14 10:29pm

GAAAAAAH I want both so bad but I'd have to take the Citroen over the Pug simply for the weirdness factor and the suspension (love those one spoke steering wheels!) Although I wish it were a CX, SM, or DS (DUH). Though I lust after a 505 turbo. or a 404 convertible... » 10/09/14 1:31am 10/09/14 1:31am

Later Alfettas look like the GTV6, while earlier ones look like a more streamlined version of the Giulia Berlina and they did have cursive script, but was limited to the right side. However Giulia Berlinas (which is what you have pictured) had cursive script on the rear lip as well. What you saw was probably similar… » 10/09/14 1:20am 10/09/14 1:20am